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This journal is about all the icky rules and procedures we must go through to ensure you have a pleasant and fulfilling experience in #dA-Addiction. So make sure above all you have fun.


Our Mission

#dA-Addiction is a general art based group, accepting unappreciated artists and experienced artists the like, and keeping all members up to date with on-goings around deviantART. Such as contests, and other events where you can grab the bull by the horns and stun everyone with your skills.

Our plan is to join forces, have fun, and help deviants improve their skills.


When a update is posted, usually dealing with the group or contest something to that effect, then the title will look like this:"#dAA- 17th Jan 10'" or "#dAAC- 17th Jan 10'". It'll make it easier for group administrators and it'll tell you what you need to be looking out for!

So if you see a blog without this title, then it is probably just deviantART fun or something of the sort you're not required to read.

Favorites and Submissions

Favorites- We will accept pieces we like the appearance of into our favorites.
Submissions- We will accept pieces that are related to #dA-Addiction and deviantART, from our members ONLY.

More about submissions into our gallery:
- Only submit 1 deviation at a time!
- No deviations will be accepted into featured.
     * They will be picked out by group administrators and voted in.
- All submissions will go through a voting process once we get more members.
:note: Please refrain from submitting nudity and extreme violence!

More about Members, Watchers, and Passers:

Watchers and Passing Deviants are allowed to:
- Submit 1 deviation into the groups favorites per week.

Members are allowed to:
- Submit 1 deviation into our gallery at a time.
- Submit 1 deviation into our favorites at a time.
- Join in on all the groups contests and events.

Do you need any help or questions answered that aren't in the list below? Then please don't hesitate to note our group with the subject "Help and FAQ" and we will get to you as soon as possible. Also suggestions are welcome, so please don't hesitate to speak up. Thanks!

Q: What does FAQ stand for?
A: Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I join #dA-Addiction?
A: Just click "Join Our Group" to send in your request.

Q: How do I submit art into the groups gallery?
A: Just submit your art request into the appropriate folder, specifications above. :above:

Q: How do I submit art into the groups favorites?
A: Just submit your art request into the favorites folder, specifications above. :above:
:note: -Please do NOT submit your own art into the favorites folder.

Rules and procedures will be updated or changed at a later date. :dalove:

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