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Submitted on
April 25, 2010


2,769 (3 today)

For the time being all gallery submissions are closed, we're trying to find a way to clean it up and start fresh. Maybe deleting all deviations from gallery? Or maybe sorting through and voting which to keep? What do you guys think.

Sorry it's been so long I hope everyone is well and alive. I'm barely but I'll make it through, busy busy busy!

Any suggestions, contest ideas, etc please voice them below we need em'!

:note: ALSO! I need one new admin to help me out and I mean really help me out. The responsibilities would be:
  • Voting on submission(once we start taking them again)
  • Voting on member requests(and going to their page to give welcome message)
  • More to come in good time

So contact me by note and we'll chat~

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